Episode Five - All About Atlanta

In Episode Five Penny and Kelsey went down to Georgia looking for a story to tell! The Case of the Missing Bride is up for discussion and native Atlantan and true crime lover Kelsey, tells the tale of the little known Atlanta Child Murders…

Mini-Sode! Q&A!

In this mini-sode Penny is joined by two lifelong federal law enforcement officers (her parents!) 

We talk about forensics in the 70’s, what its like to work in a federal detention center and they give advice to those interested in working in law enforcement! 

I will always cherish having this audio with my parents who I love so much and although its short - I hope you will enjoy it! 

Episode Four - Beach Boys

In Episode 4  is joined by her friend, and fellow podcaster, Bryan Stone ! They discuss the kidnap and murder of college spring breaker Mark Kilroy, the Mexican cult responsible & the baffling connection between Charles Manson and the Beach Boys....

Episode Three - The Children

The Children. In Episode 3 Penny and her best friend Joey discuss the tragic deaths of children in New York’s most expensive zip code and a cult exorcism in Maryland.

Episode Two - Alligators + Accusations

In this episode, Penny is joined by her friend Kailee and fellow podcast enthusiast. They discuss the murder of Laura Jean Ackerson, a North Carolina woman who was dismembered and found in a shallow swamp near Penny's home in Houston as well as the infamous case of the West Memphis Three.

Episode One - Forest Pizza

In the first episode, Penny is joined by her friend and radio pal, Intern Alex. Listen to the story of The National Forest Serial Killer & the worst story about pizza you've ever heard.