Episode Twenty - Two Maneater

In Episode Twenty - Two we welcome back Joshua from the Silver Shamrock podcast. We begin with the murder of a millionaire, and end with something not so appetizing. 

Episode Twenty-One Escaped

WE’RE BACK! In Episode 21 Penny welcomes her friend and published author,  Morgan Smith! We’ll discuss a mysterious disappearance and two unrelated murders that inspired a musical!

Episode Twenty - Dad & Dahmer

Join Penny and Caitlyn for a end of year episode featuring a Christmas Eve slaying and none other than Jeffrey Dahmer.


Episode Nineteen - Justice

Penny’s friend Austin joins to the show this week to discuss a murderous serial killer with deep rooted racism. Plus we’ll discuss a mysterious disappearance that took 26 years to solve…  

Episode Eighteen - Pom Pom Pow

Shanna and Amber were both honor students, popular, and pretty, but in the contest that counted, Amber won....

Episode Seventeen - Taliesin

Trying something NEW for Episode Seventeen - Join Penny and Krystina as we discuss the massacre and house fire owned by iconic architect, Frank Lloyd Wright! Plus stay tuned for our thoughts on some old and recent mass shootings.

Ghost Stories - The Halloween Episode

Happy Halloween! This week Penny is joined by Maggie and Amanda! We’ll read YOUR ghost stories and tell some of our own! PLUS stay tuned for a very special surprise guest at the end! (Its Macklemore!!!)

Episode Sixteen - Toxic

In Episode Sixteen Penny is joined by a lifelong true crime fan, Karen! This week, Penny and Karen discuss The San Francisco Witch Killers & the infamous Ken and Barbie murders. Join us as we explore the these toxic relationships and their murderous rampages.

Episode Fifteen - The Movies

Starring The Gainesville Ripper and Ed Gein, Penny and Robbie join forces to discuss horror movies inspired by real life murders in Episode Fifteen! Join us as we reveal the inspiration behind the 1996 film Scream and the 1974 Texas Chainsaw Massacre!

Episode Fourteen - Killer Texts

In Episode Fourteen Penny welcomes (for the first time!) a Murder She Spoke listener named Amy! Penny and Amy discuss the recent murder by texting suicide case involving two Massachusetts teenagers and a little known local murderer! 

Mini-Sode! - Accidents

In the latest mini - sode Penny is joined by her friends Maggie and Amanda! We’ll discuss a number of accidental murders and the people who caused them…

Episode Thirteen - Six Murder Suicide + The Secret


On this week’s episode: Penny and her friend Jonah detail the crimes of a cult leader made famous by one of the most loved daytime talk shows in America, the murders of an entire family in Florida, and a few Netflix recommendations too!

*911 call located at 15:00

LINK TO HELP HOUSTON ---> YouCaring.com/JJWatt

Episode Twelve - Murder Manual

This week Penny welcomes back her friend Jet! Join us as we go across the pond to discuss a murderous teenager obsessed with money and planning the perfect crime...

Episode Eleven - Revenge

This week Penny and her friend Trevor discuss a slew of murders brought on by revenge. A doctor with a series of failures, and the story of a man who killed and cooked his victims to serve as burger meat await you in Episode Eleven (+ a ghost story on top!)

NEW MUSIC by Jet @ https://tothejazz.bandcamp.com/

Episode Ten - Frozen

In Episode Ten Penny takes you along to the dark summer night Denise Huber goes missing. For three years no one knows where Denise is until a woman 400 miles away cracks the case wide open... 

*Bonus* For the first time ever, we hear what Coco thinks about the case!

Episode Nine - McMassacre

In Episode Nine Penny is joined by her long-time friend, artist and musician - Jet! For the 33rd anniversary of the fifth deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history Penny outlines the timeline of the San Ysidro McDonalds massacre & examines what led to the tragedy starting at the very beginning...

Episode Eight - Ice Chiller

In Episode Eight Penny welcomes back Intern Alex of the Retro Wrestling Podcast! For National Ice Cream Day we’ll discuss the chilling tale of the Ice Cream Killer and heat things back up with the wrestling world’s biggest scandal: Chris Benoit - The Canadian Crippler.

Episode Seven - Matricide + Magnotta

In Episode 7 Penny and her friend Joshua share their theories on a brutal stabbing involving a mother and daughter in Memphis, and the horrifying crimes of Canadian cannibal killer, Luka Magnotta...

*WARNING* This episode contains a 911 call and descriptions of violence towards humans and animals. Listener discretion is advised*


Episode Six - A Mystery + A Myth

In Episode Six Penny is joined by Robbie! Host of the Silver Shamrock Podcast and horror nerd Robbie tackles the mythical and terrifying "Slender Man" and the shocking violence he inspired . Penny dissects the case of Ryan Singleton and his mysterious death in the desert.

Mini-Sode! - Lit

In Minisode Three Penny is joined by her favorite intern - Jake! They discuss two eerily similar cases 124 years apart involving young boys who prey on other children. Join us as we discuss the Boston Boy Fiend and burn survivor, Robbie Middleton...